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Company Introduction

China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd. established in 1987, listed as Great Wall Computer(Stock code:000066), registered capital RMB 458.5 million, is a large-scale computer manufacturer with its own R&D. It is held by Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd.

The headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China. There are four R&D/manufacturing bases under the headquarters: the Nanshan Science and Industry Park, Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone, the Shiyan Hi-tech Industrial Base and the Beijing Star-Net Industrial Park. Total area covers 1.28 million square meters.

Great Wall Computer is the first PC manufacturer in China. It produced the very first set of advanced Chinese computer Great Wall 0520CH. Its business covers computer systems and related peripherals, computer core parts, broadband network and digital products such as desktops, notebooks, monitors, power supplies, severs, printers and consumable electronics. It also provides technical support. The power supply for computers has 30% market shares of the OEM market. Currently is the number one in China. Monitors sales volume is also among the largest.

Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Kaifa Magnetic
Recording Co., Ltd
Shenzhen ExcelStor Technology Co., Ltd
GreatWall Info Industry Co., Ltd
Great Wall Computer Software and
Systems Inc., Ltd
International System
Technology (SZ) Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Elcoteq Network Corporation
Beijing Digipro Information
Technology Co., Ltd
Great Wall Broadband Network
Service Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Hailiang Storage
Product Co., Ltd

There have been a lot of achievements during the past few years including but not limited to:
• The company is certified by ISO9000 and ISO14000;
• Great Wall trademark being officially affirmed as National Famous Trademark by State Administration of Industry and Commerce;
• G reat Wall brand products such as desktop computers, laptop computers and servers are officially affirmed as China's Famous Brand and are listed as a national present for the state leaders visiting abroad.

The company not only expanded the domestic markets but also explored opportunities by allying itself with multinationals companies. It has a joint venture with Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) to form Shenzhen Hailiang Storage Co., Ltd. (HSPC). Some other joint ventures including but not limited to Shenzhen Elcoteq Network Corporation, this is formed with ELCOTEQ, the second largest telecom company in Finland. The Elcoteq makes high-end magnetic heads and super critical IC boards, etc. By the end of 2004, carried out the strategies assigned from the Group, the company developed more high-end business, enlarged the operation scale and increased the performance. It partnered with IBM again to form the Great Wall International System Technology Co., Ltd. (ISTC). ISTC is the largest high-end servers manufacturing base in the World. Through the

successful international cooperation, the Great Wall has successfully mastered the most advanced manufacturing techniques and management practices. Excellent professional management teams have been formed. All these previous experiences have laid a solid foundation for Great Wall’s expansion into a larger-scale operation.

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